Lab: Visual Computing

Overview: In this lab we will offer exciting visual computing research projects related to mathematical optimisation or machine learning. The projects have the potential to lead to publications. There are no formal requirements for participation, but it is expected that participants have some previous exposure to at least one of the following topics:

  • visual computing (e.g. computer vision, computer graphics, 3D shape analysis, image analysis, etc.),
  • mathematical optimisation (e.g. combinatorial/continuous, convex/non-convex, etc.), or
  • machine learning.


  • There will be a department-wide kick-off meeting in the beginning of the semester, where all lab topics will be announced (see Basis for date, time and location).
  • After the kick-off meeting, interested students should send at least 3 topics they are interested in to us per mail. For each project, mention your background (e.g. grades in relevant courses) so that we can decide on the best suited project for each student.
  • Students will typically work in groups of 2 in the projects.
  • Each topic comes with a supervisor, who will help you to tackle the project. There should be regular meetings with your supervisor.
  • Lab presentations should be 30min talk + 15min questions.
  • Final reports should comprise 10 pages (plus references) and use our report template.
  • The lab is worth 9 CP.